At Perfect Turf we not only install top quality Australian made synthetic grass, we also provide a full cleaning and maintenance service, using specialised machinery and cleansers.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your artificial grass keeps the surface safe for use, and extends its life.


Perfect Turf Cleaning and Maintenance Keeps Playtime Safe

Getting your artificial turf regularly cleaned and maintained alleviates common problems such as:

– Dust forming a crusty layer on the surface of the turf

– Rubber and sand compacting to form a hard surface

Both these issues can lead to an unsafe playing surface.

Please view our Knowledge page to find out more about our specialised cleansers and machinery we use to keep your artificial turf safe.


Extend the Life of Your Investment

Artificial turf that receives a high level of use such as playgrounds and playing fields run the risk of deteriorating quicker than artificial turf in other areas.

Having a professional regularly clean and maintain your turf will significantly increase the life of your investment, saving you money and keeping the surface safe.

It is recommended that turf in high use areas receive a cleaning and maintenance service every 6-12 months depending upon use.


Specialised Knowledge and Machinery

Improper cleaning and grooming of artificial grass can reduce the life of your investment and cause damage to the surface. Perfect turf has years of experience with artificial grass maintenance and installation.

Perfect turf utilises advanced machinery made specifically for maintaining and cleaning artificial grass, along with specialised cleaning solutions.

We also customise our cleaning and maintenance service, factoring in condition and time (mid-term, holidays), making sure the surface is always safe during play-time.

If you would like to find out if your artificial turf is in need of maintenance please contact Paul on 0412 263 163